Below is a small example of some of the installations we have carried out to T4 Transporters. Please call us or pop in to discuss anything you are interested in having undertaken.

T4 Transporter

Led courtesy lights avaliable in a range of colours!!!

Vw logo projector lights.

These are low energy consumption lights which can be fitted to your steps and come on automatically when doors are opened. Give us a call for more details.

We fit these to your vw transprter door and once you open the door the vw logo is emmitted on the floor!!!

Replace your rearview mirror with a TFT Monitor.

Various sized roof mount screens with built in dv player

The ultimate reversing aid. The TFT monitor fits to your rear view mirror and a camera is fitted to rear bumper so you can see whats behind you!!!

Add a digital tv tuner for free view on the move. Can be used with infa red head phones or run thru the original van radio!!

Rear 6x9 speakers fitted to T4

Bespoke audio fitting service.

Choice of Jbl/Vibe/Infinity's, call for current stock.

Single cd radio units installed in rear of camper running from auxilary battery, call to discuss your requirements..